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Individual machines for the production of tinplate aerosol cans

Automatic cutting machines


The machines are used for longitudinal and transverse cutting of tinplates. 

Automatic machine for welding of canisters of aerosol cans 


The equipment is used for the uninterrupted welding of canisters of aerosol cans


Machines for internal and external lacquering


Machines have units of control of applying powder and recirculation of powder. A special unit for applying powder is dosing its quantity precisely. It provides better protection of welding seam from corrosion.

Curing ovens


Induction electric and gas curing ovens

Machines for necking, flanging and seaming aerosol can cone and bottom


Machines are used for formation of neck of aerosol can, seaming cones and bottoms of cans to main cylinder black of aerosol can, with automatic feeding of blanks and automatic extraction of produced aerosol can to a conveyor.


Automatic leakage tester

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ID Number: TAC 01-06

Leakage tester provides automatic testing of empty aerosol cans for the absolute control of quality of products.

  • Diameter 45-65 mm
  • Height 80-320 mm
  • Productivity up to 220 pcs / min
  • Working heads 24
  • compressed air 2.5 m3 / min. 8 to 12 bar.
  • Power consumption 6 kVA