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InKomPro represents equipment of MarCoPack in Russia and surrounding countries

InKomPro represents equipment for labeling manufactured by MarCoPack 


MarCoPack is one of the recognized leaders in the production of equipment for automatic labeling.

MarCoPack manufactures different types of equipment for automatic labeling, codification, label printing, adhesive film printing and automatic application. MarCoPack equipment is used in different production lines for the production and packaging of food, cosmetics, household chemicals, consumer goods, as well as in general on any packaging and packaging lines. The equipment is designed for both flat and cylindrical shapes of various sizes from ampoules to large containers and can apply simultaneously from one to three labels on different sides of the product. MarCoPack offers both ready-made individual labeling machines and label applicators for inclusion inside the existing production lines. The company also supplies high-speed labeling machines.

More information on the MarCoPack equipment can be found on our website here