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Overhaul and restoration of the presses Herlan, Mall, Rhodes, Schuler

Overhaul and reconstruction of extrusion presses is the ability to obtain equipment parameters comparable to new at a much lower price.

InKomPro company restores and repairs extrusion press for production of aluminum tubes, aluminum cans and other products produced by cold extrusion.

The company has experience in repair and restoration of the presses brands: Rhodes, Mall Herlan, Schuler and others.

In the process of works, there is made complete disassembly and troubleshooting of all components and assemblies, with the further replacement of parts that have wear and aging: lubrication systems, rubber sleeves, oil seals, clutch discs, drive shafts, rails, bearings, control systems and automation. Is accurate lapping nodes and configuration press, to check the operation under load.

In the process, there can be possible installation of automation and control SIEMENS.

Equipment before overhaul:


Equipment after overhaul:

​​The specialists of "InKomPro" perform on-site diagnostics and minimal repairs on presses at the production site of the customer. Primary repair is carried out at equipped production site.

For all products warranty work.

For Your convenience, and reduction of production costs due to idle of lines, we offer a unique service to exchange your press, needs repair, to fixed on the TRADE-IN.

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