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Used lines for the production of laminate tubes

Company InKomPro sells from stocks, searches and selects used equipment and machine tools of leading brands for laminate,  tubes production. Lines can be supplied with different tools, allowing you to create laminated tube with different diameters.

We offer everything you need for the production of laminated tubes.

Our specialists will find equipment according to your technical requirements.

Kombis Automatic machine for the production of ABL Laminate Tube.

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Id number: LTL 004

Manufacturer: Kombis, Bulgaria

Model: FFS 3301

Year of production: 2008.

  • Output: 25-30 tubes per minute without filling, 20-25 tubes per minute with filling
  • Weight: 1500 kg
  • Type of Laminate: ABL
  • Thickness of the barrier layer: 0.012 mm - 0.04 mm
  • ABL total thickness: 0.175 - 0.330 mm
  • Seal Location: Longitudinal
  • Maximum diameter of a roll with laminate: 600 mm
  • Internal diameter of a roll with laminate: 150 mm (6 inches) or 75 mm (3 inches)
  • Dimensions: (H-W-L) 2500x1500x2000 mm.


Sold equipment

Production equipment for the output of laminate Tubes SAESA-80

Equipment sold

ID number: LTL 001
Year of manufacture: 1993
  • max speed: 80 tubes/min;
  • tube diameter: 22-40 mm;
  • tooling: diameter 25/28/35 mm